Monday, March 27, 2017

Barry Lipsitz on World Autism Awareness Day

Barry Lipsitz is an avid supporter of the Dan Marino Foundation and non profits related to autism and other developmental disabilities.

Barry Lipsitz Autism Awareness

What is Autism?
Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, is a developmental disability that begins at an early age and can make it difficult for children to pick up speech and form social relationships. Children and adults with this disability may be found slower in developing basic skills and have a hard time maintaining eye contact. Those with autism may also develop repetitive behaviors. The condition can be detected in children as young as two or three.

Depending on the severity, it may also lead to medical issues both physical and mental. Those conditions include, but are not limited to: gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disturbances, seizures, phobias, anxiety and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Although these are the most common, each individual is unique and should be treated in the exact way they need to be, which is why Barry Lipsitz finds supporting these organizations so important.

World Autism Awareness Day
Next week, Barry Lipsitz is excited to be a part of World Autism Awareness day, an annual event where autism organizations from around the world fundraise and spread awareness about the developmental condition. This day is important for the world as it helps shine a light on a mental health issue that affects children around the globe. Different activities in different places will help others to increase world knowledge of the disability and those children and adults affected by it.
Barry Lipsitz advises that you check your local papers and social boards to see where you can have a hand in World Autism Awareness Day.

Dan Marino Foundation
Started by former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino and his wife Claire, the Dan Marino Foundation seeks to educate and increase their repertoire of skills.  At the center of its approach to helping the developmentally disabled, there is a 10 month program offered to help with post-high school skills to aid them in finding jobs that are right for them. In addition to the extensive program, the campus uses a virtual reality system that sets up mock interviews to help practice job interviewing skills.
There are other programs that include scholarships for young scientists, giving students the potential for great opportunity in the different fields of Science.

Other Autism Organizations recommended by Barry Lipsitz

If you have a family member with autism, or would simply like to contribute to the causes of research and education, there are many organizations that can help. Here is a list of some of the most well-known:

Autism Speaks is one of the most well-known bodies dedicated to educating families dealing with autism and educating them on the right ways to help their family members.

Autistic Science Foundation (ASD) is an organization dedicated to research and understanding of autism.

Center for Autism and Related Disorders (C.A.R.D.) is one of the largest treatment organizations in the world. They focus on helping patients replace negative behaviors with appropriate ones.